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USAC Elite Level 1 Cycling & Power Based Coach

USAT Level 1 Triathlon & Youth/Junior Coach

Training Peaks Certified Level 2 Coach and Coach Match Approved

Med Graphics / Korr Metabolic Testing Specialist

Advanced CycleOps Power Coach

ACE Education Provider & Personal Trainer

SPINPower® Creator & Power Specialist Master Instructor


With 20 years’ experience, Angie brings a wealth of expertise and instant credibility in providing the highest level of performance coaching, personal fitness training, metabolic fitness/efficiency assessments, data analysis, sports performance & nutrition plans and education consulting services. As a global leader in coaching and creating training plans for recreational to professional level athletes, Angie has developed the best practices that drive her clients and teams to the next level.

Angie is a veteran in educating coaches, trainers and instructors as well. She has developed and presented certifications and continuing education programs, seminars and camps internationally over the past 18 years. Most notably known as an expert in power-based training for cyclists using power meters, she is the original developer and director of the CycleOps Power Training Certification, Advanced Power Coaches Certification and CycleOps Power Training Manual. She has worked with Bike Dealers, Training Centers, Coaching and Cycling/Triathlon Organizations and Magazines across the US, providing seminars, webinars, certifications, continuing education and articles.

Angie’s success in applying her power-based training and education programs to outdoor cyclists and coaches globally fueled her passion to redefine the weight loss and fitness industry with science based principles that give ALL individuals an optimal quality of life, based on wellness, fitness and performance. She created and developed the SPINPower® Training Certification and Instructor Manual for the Spinning® program and is a Power Specialist Master Instructor.

“It is very rewarding to provide tools that will evoke excellence in others. It is a sport in itself, to assess, monitor and prescribe appropriate training, to ensure a continuum of performance or simply moving clients into action. For athletes, the reward is getting them across the finish line, or standing on the podium. For many populations, the reward means assisting individuals towards good health, enjoying life and making activity a fun and life-long sport. In any case, they are all champions, finding victory in handling daily challenges and achieving self-fulfillment.”

USA Triathalon Certified Coach USA Cycling Certified Coach Mad Dogg Spinning Certified American Heart Association Certified American Council on Exercise Certified