Efficiency Assessment

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Metabolic Efficiency Assessment


A Metabolic Efficiency Assessment determines the type of fuel (Fat –vs- Carb) your system prefers to utilize at different efforts, including at rest. The more efficiently your body can use fat as a fuel, the longer you can perform workloads and the less fuel replenishment you’ll need. Plus, you’ll be leaner!

For the Weight Loss and/or Fitness Client: A metabolic efficiency assessment will determine the appropriate prescribed training zones and nutritional requirements to turn you into a fat burner. You’ll burn more calories from fat, even when you are sleeping! Why waste one minute of your training session! Discover your true fat burning training zones and the exact amount of substrate ratios YOU need. Discover exactly what intensity you need to train to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

For the Athlete: The results will give caloric expenditure required for your event, show you how to preserve carb stores to decrease the amount of fuel replenishment, prescribes exactly how to increase fat as fuel so you can perform workloads, faster-longer and determine why you have GI distress or bonk during your trainings and events. A MUST for all athletes.

The Test: While on a treadmill, your bike or a stationary bike, a comfortable breathing mask will be placed over your mouth and nose. Tubes from the facemask are connected to an analyzer. You will perform a ramped exercise session, which starts very easy. Every 3-5 minutes, intensity will progressively increase, until you are at a hard effort. This is a sub-max assessment and you will NOT go to maximal effort. Thereafter, results are correlated to PACE, POWER and HEART RATE, VO2, VCO2, Kcals, Fat%, Carb %, Ventilation and RQ.

Check out a video of an efficiency assessment