Power Assessment


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Power Assessment

Power is the intensity, energy, effort or potential to do work or the amount of work or energy you expend in a given time frame and is measured as a watt. Power performance tests are the foundation of any power based training program, as it accurately evaluates the individual’s current benchmark ability and provides precise levels of power training zones. Whether you have little riding experience or are a podium finisher, you will have outstanding results when assessing your performance and using accurately measured power training zones. The tests will require you to push yourself to your highest sustainable effort, for specific periods of time. Depending upon the test goal, you can discover your max power output, time trial power, threshold power, anaerobic power and specific power training zones. A metabolic profile (VO2) is encouraged to determine  metabolic markers that need to be trained so you can set training priorities.

The test can be taken on your bike or you may use a stationary indoor cycle with power meter capability. You may also do outdoor field tests.

Preparing for Your Power Tests

To ensure that your assessment is as accurate as possible, there are a number of guidelines you need to follow. Please follow the recommendations given below before your assessment:

1. Wear loose and comfortable clothing such as cycling shorts, jersey and shoes.

2. Drink plenty of fluid 24 hours prior to your assessment.

3. Do not eat within 2-4 hours prior to test. Take medications as you would normally, prior to a training or race.

4. Do not smoke or drink alcohol 12 hours prior to the test.

5. Do not perform high intensity training on the day before your test. Do not perform any training on the day of your test.

6. Get adequate sleep (8 hours) the night before the assessment.

7. Please cancel if you have health concerns.

8. It is always recommended that you consult a physician for medical clearance, prior to exercise.

9. You will be required to fill out a Health History & Consent form.

10. Contact Angie Sturtevant if you have any questions or comments.