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USAC Elite Level 1 Cycling & Power Based Coach USAT Level 1 Triathlon & Youth/Junior Coach Training Peaks Certified Level 2 Coach and Coach Match Approved Med Graphics / Korr Metabolic Testing Specialist Advanced CycleOps Power Coach ACE Education Provider … Continued

Indoor Cycling

Here we need more information. There is little to copy from the old website. Spinning® Introduces The Innovative Power-Based Training Program, Spinpower™ – Yahoo! Finance LOS ANGELES, May 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As the most recognized name in indoor cycling, … Continued

Weight Management

Energy balance is simply a matter of managing the energy you use or store. It is commonly referred to as balancing ‘energy in and energy out’. More than 45 million Americans exhibit metabolic syndrome, which is a result of using … Continued

Strength Training and Programs

Whether you are seeking weight-loss, fitness, performance or a sculpted physique, cardio training alone will not completely develop the muscles. The key fundamentals to success must incorporate strength training. Not only is strength training important for performance, but it is … Continued

Fitness Training and Programs

  How do you get fit? FITNESS TRAINING. For instructors and coaches that lead individual or group training sessions, or those training on their own at home or at the local club, you will receive an individualized program guaranteed to … Continued

Sport or Event Specific Coaching and Training Plans

                    Make the most of who you are with an individualized training program, coached by expertise. Expertise in cycling, power based training, running, triathlon and overall sports conditioning. All coaching programs … Continued

Power Assessment

  Coached Clients of SPP are offered: Power Assessment Power is the intensity, energy, effort or potential to do work or the amount of work or energy you expend in a given time frame and is measured as a watt. … Continued

Efficiency Assessment

Coached Clients of SSP are offered – Metabolic Efficiency Assessment TEACHING THE BODY TO BURN MORE FAT! A Metabolic Efficiency Assessment determines the type of fuel (Fat –vs- Carb) your system prefers to utilize at different efforts, including at rest. … Continued

Assessments Description

Coached clients of SSP are offered the same comprehensive testing available to elite and Olympic athletes. With VO2, VCO2, RMR, Efficiency, Power, Threshold and Heart Rate assessments, we can develop accurate training zones and individualized programs based on you as … Continued

Fitness Assessment

Introduction to VO2/VCO2 Fitness Assessment Understanding the Results Taking the Fitness Assessment Protocol and Health History Form Prices Coached Clients of SSP are offered: VO2/VCO2 Fitness Assessment Introduction to VO2/VCO2 Fitness Assessment Components of Fitness The three major components of … Continued