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SPINPower® Program Launches Globally!

Angie’s success in developing and applying power-based training and education programs to cyclists and coaches globally has fueled her passion to redefine the fitness industry with progressive and innovative methods. By using the cutting-edge biometric feedback technology of the power meter alongside her inclusive education programs, the fitness industry will understand how to have fun while training more effectively. As the most recognized name in indoor fitness cycling, Angie teamed up with Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning® with a groundbreaking program; SPINPower®. Indoor cycling fitness studios can embrace cycling technology, giving new opportunities to all individuals to train within their abilities and strive toward an optimal quality of life based on wellness, fitness, and performance…AND HAVE FUN DOING SO! 



 BIKE WISCONSIN Basic Training Plans for 2016:

The following basic training plans are provided to registrants of BIKE WISCONSIN events, for upload into a Training Peaks Account. Once you have opened your account at , click on the following link, and upload basic program into your account. Coaching services and Premium Plans are not included in this basic plan. 

  •  GRABAAWR Basic Training Plan – Begins February 14, 2016  Click link.

  • Northwoods Basic Training Plan – Begins February 14, 2016   Click link.

  • SAGRAW Basic Training Plan – Begins February 14, 2016   Click link.


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