Services Description

Are you looking for a cycling, multi sport or fitness coach? Specialists in Sports Performance offers services for fitness, cyclists and multisport athletes with a Higher Standard! Whether you are a beginner or seeking peak performance to stand on top of the podium, services are designed to understand what it means to realize your full potential through self-discipline, time-management, hard work, goal setting and accountability. Whatever your ambitions and goals are… a scientific trainer/coach WILL help you succeed by ensuring your efforts count!

The theory of training is based on how the body adapts in response to the work/rest it is given. This training effect is based on science …the overload principle. This principle is simple; subject a muscle cell to a workload more than it is used to, give it some rest and the stressed cell rebuilds to a higher level so it can handle work in the future. The process takes time, which is determined by training intensity, type of training, frequency of stress, fitness level of systems, recovery, other stresses, etc. Simply put, your body can only do what you train it to do. If you train smart, you get positive results.

Many people do the same training every day. However, the human body was designed to move within a gravitational field, capable of multi activities, adapting to changes in load, force, work and physiological fuel demands. A smart, well rounded program should include the overload principle to all of the systems and muscle fiber, to encourage the body to change. This means alternating workouts that balance stress and rest, aerobic and anaerobic without compromise to your health while teaching your body varied lessons. Scientific training will focus on how the individual body adapts and the type of training that encourages the adaptation, so you will keep moving toward your fitness and performance goals.