Weight Management

Energy balance is simply a matter of managing the energy you use or store. It is commonly referred to as balancing ‘energy in and energy out’. More than 45 million Americans exhibit metabolic syndrome, which is a result of using their body in a different way than intended: decreasing activity, increasing fuel intake, processed food & supplementation….working against the way the human body was designed. The result is weight gain and a long list of diseases associated with being overweight. While most individuals rely on diets for their solution, the statistics clearly state more than 70% of Americans do not get enough physical activity to provide health benefits and 25% of them are not active at all. Only 10% of dieters keep their weight off with diet alone. The solution is a combination of wise nutrition choices and activity. The solution is simply a matter of shifting the ‘energy balance’. Discover a weight loss program and individualized training that is guaranteed to overcome metabolic syndrome and will last a lifetime.